Dermastir Starter Kit - Mix Ampoules



1 Dermastir Cellular Bar device + 16 Ampoules


The exclusive and luxurious Dermastir Starter Kit is the perfect package with some of the most important serums for each necessity of the skin, and an integrated massaging Cellular Bar.
The Dermastir Starter Kit is a luxury package, containing various Dermastir ampoules with included Cellular Bar. The Cellular Bar ensures that 100% of the applied ingredients will penetrate into the skin, unlike if we apply the product with a hand massage. The Cellular Bar is recommended for all skin types and its suitable to be combined with all types of serums and/or creams.

With its 8.000 micro-vibrations, the Cellular Bar ensures an instant firming and lifting of different areas, such as face, eye and lip contour, neck and décolleté. The Cellular Bar improves face contours and microcirculation, enhancing a glowing and supple skin.


  • Lifting and firming action
  • Diminishes facial lines, wrinkles and frown lines
  • Eye contour area – reduces ‘’puffy eyes’’, crow’s feet and dark circles
  • Face – smoother face lines, improves face contour
  • Neck and décolleté – lifting effect



Break the top of the ampoule with a piece of cloth. Place the plastic cap included in the box on the top of the open ampoule. Apply the serum directly on the skin or mix with your daily cream. Massage until its complete absorption.

Normal program:

Step 1: Apply one ampoule every 7 days for a month.

Step 2: To consolidate the achieved results, repeat Step 1.

Intensive program:

Step 1: Apply one ampoule every 3 days for a month.

Step 2: To consolidate the achieved results, repeat Step 1.


  • SPECIAL FACE MASSAGE/FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE: Use the rounded ends on each side of the T-shaped Dermastir Cellular Bar to treat acupuncture points located around your mouth, nose, as well as behind the ears, in order to improve the nourishment of the skin or lift corners of the eyes and wings of the nose. Combine the use of the Cellular Bar with serums and creams and gently press the acupuncture points on your face for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • EYE MASSAGE: Start the massage from the area underneath your eyes and around the nose and move the device towards the temples. Concentrate the movements onto the wrinkles around the eyes, the so-called “crow’s feet”, by lightly sliding Dermastir Cellular Bar up and down.
  • FOREHEAD MASSAGE: Start the massage above your eyebrows moving in a half-moon motion from the center of the forehead towards your temples. You can slide the device up and down. Continue massaging your forehead with the same technique.
  • LIP MASSAGE: Massage the area around your lips starting from the center and moving outward. From the corners of the mouth slide the cellular bar towards the wings of the nose and the area underneath your eyes. Massage both sides of your nose with the T-shaped Dermastir Cellular Bar tip starting from the upper part of your nose to the sides, as well as up and down.
  • NECK MASSAGE: Start massaging from the base of your neck and slide Dermastir Cellular Bar upward towards the jawline. Continue massaging your neck with the same technique.
  • ARM AND HAND MASSAGE: Slowly move the vibrating bar up and down your arm and muscles in the direction of lymph circulation.
  • BODY ACUPUNCTURE: Gently press the acupuncture points located on your palms, feet and body with the rounded side of the T-shaped Dermastir Cellular Bar tip for 2 to 3 seconds.

CAUTIONS: Not suitable to be used on children. If not used for a long time, remove the battery.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Do not disassemble the equipment, nor use it for any purpose other than that indicated in our instructions. All repair work should be carried out by our authorized professional personnel. Our company reserves the right to modify the information in this introduction without notification. Please, follow these instructions.


Battery included: type AA
Dimensions Body: 140x33x16 mm
Dimensions “T” head: 33x16x5 mm G.W.: 80 gr

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I love this pack! I love alla the serums !! They are definately amazing. My favourite one is the zink and the moisturizing one!

Bellissima idea regalo

Kit bellissimo e completo di tanti sieri e di un dispositivo stimolante per l'applicazione di sieri e creme e per mantere la pelle sempre stimolata. Molto piacevole e carino da regalare.

super regalo

Una delle mie migliori amiche mi ha regalato lo starter kit dermastir con 16 fialette!
mi è piaciuto tantissimo, posso diversificare le fialette settimana per settimana e con la gold bar riesco a lavorare bene il prodotto sulla mia pelle. Noto che la mia pelle a tre settimane dall'utilizzo è più illuminata e sembra più sana


Ma sœur m'a offert le kit de démarrage avec les ampoules. Les ampoules sont efficaces et on voit les résultats, et avec l'outil fourni j'ai pu bien masser les différents sérums, un vrai bonheur.
Très belle idée de cadeau.

il regalo perfetto

Ad ogni Natale regalo sempre questo cofanetto, racchiude tutti i principali sieri Dermastir. Adoro questo brand e i suoi sieri, ognuno per ogni esigenza della pelle!

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