Dermastir Tsunami Deep Cleanser uses oxygen bubble technology, which is a beauty and skincare treatment designed to address various skin concerns, including acne. It involves the application of oxygen-rich ingredients to the skin that form a foam. The primary idea behind this technology is to promote skin oxygenation, deep cleansing, and overall skin health.

Here's how Dermastir Tsunami Deep Cleanser works and its potential benefits for acne:

  1. Oxygen Infusion: During a deep facial cleansing treatment, Tsunami is used to generate oxygen bubbles. These bubbles are typically enriched with active ingredients and appear on the skin after a few seconds after the application on the skin’s surface of Tsunami.
  2. Deep Cleansing: Oxygen bubble technology in Tsunami, helps deep-cleanse the skin by lifting away impurities, dirt, and excess oil. The oxygen bubbles help to dislodge debris from pores, making it easier to remove impurities.
  3. Antibacterial Properties: Oxygen is known to be effective against anaerobic bacteria, which are the type of bacteria that thrive in low-oxygen or oxygen-deprived environments. Acne-causing bacteria, such as Propionibacterium acnes, are anaerobic. The oxygen bubbles may help create an environment less conducive to these bacteria, potentially reducing acne breakouts.
  4. Skin Oxygenation: The oxygen infusion also helps to increase oxygen levels in the skin, which can promote overall skin health and vitality. Well-oxygenated skin is often associated with a healthy, radiant complexion.
  5. Reduced Sebum Production: Dermastir Tsunami Deep Cleanser treatment includes ingredients that can help regulate sebum (skin oil) production. By controlling excess sebum, this treatment may help prevent clogged pores and reduce the occurrence of acne.


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