Dermastir Luxury in Anti-Age Magazine

Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Face Mask

Alta Care Laboratoires utilizes biotechnology to create the skin tissue-like material from the fermentation of microorganisms. The mask is hydrophilic and it diminishes the TEWL. The formula inhibits enzymes that break down hyaluronic, collagen and elastin in the skin. The mask helps to hydrate and decreases redness and bruises caused by aesthetic treatments like: botox, fillers, mesotherapy, acid peels, blepharoplasty and laser.

Anti-Age Magazine Winter 2017

Dermastir Luxury è una linea di Skincare made in France specializzata in Prodotti Pre & Post-operatori, utilizzati da specialisti della pelle e consigliati anche per uso domiciliare.

Dermastir Skincare