Dermastir Luxury dans le Anti-Age Magazine n°34

Alta Care Laboratoires formulated and designed a new range of Dermastir medical devices based on Hyaluronic Acid and epidermal boost factors of known therapeutic effect. Dermastir Injectable Sterile Vials are a universal method of treatment, intended for medical and clinical use in various areas to reduce differently ageing effects.Dermastir Injectable Sterile Vials 16 EBF & 32 EBF improve skin quality (filling fine lines and nascent wrinkles, maintaining hydration, radiance and densification) of moderate and advanced skin type filling loss of extracellular matrix and hydrating the skin.Ideal for combining with other medical aesthetic devices and microneedling.Medical Devices CE0123 Made in France.

Dermastir est une ligne de soins de luxe made in France spécialisée dans le pré & post-opératoires produits, utilisés par les spécialistes de la peau et recommandés également pour un usage domestique.

Dermastir Skincare